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Letters to Mozart

In this category you can read stories and pen your own fan-mail to the legendary Classical composer Wolfgang Amadé Mozart (1756 – 1891). This category has been created to support the "Letters to Mozart" digital concert series that will be released over two video episodes in late 2020. The aim of this project is to revisit Mozart’s chamber music, and to demystify his life’s story through his letters and music. Mozart was famous for writing letters to his family, often being separated from home and loved ones as a touring musician. We invite you to be part of this project by participating in a virtual dialogue with him; feel free to write your own letter to Mozart or share your thoughts about the project with us. To guide your writing: If you could ask Mozart anything, what would you say? What if Mozart had Whatsapp? What would the modern-day Mozart look like? What lessons can we learn from his life’s story? Have you been separated by loved ones over the pandemic? Has this project inspired you to write to someone? Has your impression of Mozart/classical music changed after watching the videos? Etc.